Bristol Future Parks: transforming our green spaces

29 October, 2021


Bristol Future Parks is a Bristol City Council (BCC) project aiming to transform how parks are managed to maximise access to and the benefits local residents get from them. BCC wants to work with communities and other stakeholders to rethink parks, who uses them, who maintains them, who invests in them, who develops them.

The project's priorities are to:

  • Invest in parks to provide vital mental and physical health benefits to residents
  • Support community ideas to make parks better
  • Raise revenue from parks and green spaces to reinvest in public services.

Working alongside residents, BCC will explore opportunities that build on the hard work and dedication local people have already invested in parks and green spaces. As well as improving health and wellbeing, projects are expected to be financially sustainable and as a minimum must be self-sufficient after the initial implementation phase.

The project is piloting its approach with five very different spaces: 

  • Sea Mills Recreation Ground 
  • Chaplin Community Garden 
  • Dame Emily Park 
  • Eastville Park 
  • Blaise Castle Estate 

If your community group has an idea for improving its local park, you have until 31 December 2021 to submit an initial Expression of Interest (EOI). Potential projects could include, for example:

  • Planting and maintaining new and existing vegetation
  • Restoring and improving green spaces
  • Starting new community groups and activities that benefit visitors' and residents' physical and mental health
  • Running or creating park facilities, such as food shops 

More unusual proposals will also be considered at this stage, providing they achieve the stated objectives, such as: 

  • Splash parks
  • Balance bike zones for young children
  • Tree top adrenaline adventures
  • Woodland tobogganing

Local businesses are also being invited to submit commercial EOIs three parks (Dame Emily Park, Eastville Park and Blaise Castle Estate).

Who can submit an EOI? 

  • Charitable organisations 
  • Community groups 
  • Local people who use the parks 
  • Sport clubs 

How will expressions of interest be assessed?

The criteria are set out as part of the project documentation along with information about Bristol’s ecological emergency strategy, an overview of the spirit and history of each space and the expression of interest form.