Can your organisation answer the questions set out by NCVO and Victor Adebowale?  

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2 February, 2022


Two recent studies, the Commission on Social Investment led by Victor Adebowale, and NCVO’s (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) annual Road Ahead report, have set out questions and challenges for the VCSE sector for 2022 and beyond.

The Commission on Social Investment was an independent group set up by Lord Victor Adebowale, CBE to investigate the current state of social investment market and how the market could better enable the growth of social enterprises. The commission engaged with 300+ social enterprises across the UK and their 'end-users' and a range of other stakeholders. The main conclusion was that comprehensive structural reform to the social investment market is required. 

The Road Ahead, is the NCVO's annual analysis of the changing operating environment for those working or volunteering in the VCSE sector. It identifies and explains forces and trends likely to have an impact on organisations in the future. There are some positive messages about an emerging new practicality and a sense that we are better equipped, now able to pivot our organisations more quickly, adapt our services, and refocus to tackle the challenges ahead.  

Bristol is a pioneer on issues such as climate action and social enterprise, with our Community Climate Action and Local Access programmes, but the cost of living in our city is also increasingly prohibitive and inequalities persist. How can we as a sector and as individuals organisations ensure we are resilient and best prepared to support our communities? 

Does these questions, selected from the reviews, help your organisation look forward and prepare for this year’s priorities: 

  • How might inflation impact your costs and budgets?  
  • How can you improve links with local and regional decision-making bodies? 
  • The pandemic brought people together but will vaccination create new divides and challenges for VCSE organisations as employers and service providers? 
  • What are the implications of digital exclusion for your services, staff, security? 
  • If organisational action on climate change is becoming an expectation of funding, is your group ready?  
  • What are the legal implications of hybrid and remote working becoming the norm? 
  • Are social enterprise activities furthering social justice priorities as well as economic goals?

To help your organisation answer these questions we can support you with information, advice, funding opportunities, and bespoke consultancy. Visit the Voscur website to find out more about our wide range of services. Our training platform the VCSE Academy offers development opportunities, peer learning, and sector events.