Covid-19 - what has your organisation done differently?

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22 September, 2021

Voscur is working with researchers from the University of Bristol to investigate how the city’s VCSE sector has adapted during the pandemic. The research is looking at a number of areas that have often been severely disrupted, and we would value your contribution as part of this.

The study topics that researchers are focusing on are homelessness; food insecurity; volunteering; digital insecurity; and use of open space, with research currently taking place that will influence how Bristol emerges from the pandemic.

Researchers are looking for:

  • Novel ways that organisations adapted – did you move your services outside for example, or did your staff find other ways to maintain contact with your service users?
  • Examples of how your organisation may have used technology to connect with service users – how effective was this, did things get easier as the pandemic went on?
  • How your organisation worked with volunteers – did you receive more or less offers of volunteering time, how did you use volunteers to reach your stakeholders?

If you can be part of this work – and at the same time help to influence how the VCSE sector in Bristol emerges post-pandemic – please contact Tom Burnett for further information (

Voscur has continued to offer support across the sector over the past 18 months, take a look at our web pages for advice, templates, training opportunities and much more.