Keeping up with change - what to know about local political changes

17 June, 2024

With changes happening at Local Authority level, as well as the upcoming general election, and continuation of the One City approach, there is a lot to take in locally. We have prepared some information and resources in this article to help you get to grips with everything.


New administration at your Local Authority!

Over the last year we held three forum sessions on the new committee system that is now in place, and inputted VCSE feedback from those sessions. With the new administration in place, now is the time to get involved, tell new councillors about your amazing work and the impact your organisation achieves – as well as what more collaboration and investment could unlock for you.

You can see below a list of the policy chairs: 

  • Transport Board: Councillor Ed Plowden  
  • Environment Board: Councillor Martin Fodor 
  • Health and Wellbeing Board: Chair Councillor Stephen Williams 
    and Vice-Chair Councillor Lorraine Francis 
  • Homes and Communities Board: Councillor Barry Parsons  
  • Children and Young People Board: Councillor Christine Townsend 
  • Economy and Skills Board: Councillor Andrew Brown 
  • Culture Board: Councillor Tony Dyer  

Allocation of committee seats 2024-25.pdf (


National election

With the upcoming general election, now is also the time to talk about the things you would like to achieve. If you are not sure on how to navigate your organisation through the general election period, there are some helpful resources below that will keep you on track:

With new changes to Voter ID, your organisation may also be supporting people to make sure they are able to vote. Below are some additional resources, including how you can support local communities to be ready for the upcoming election:


One City

Many VCSE organisations in Bristol have benefited from the One City approach since it was set up in 2016 by former mayor Marvin Rees. Over the course of all of our engagement together about the new committee system, and a new administration, we knew that VCSE sector were concerned about losing the One City approach, and we made sure that their voice was heard.

Thankfully, Leader Elect Cllr Tony Dyer has pledged his full support to the One City approach, has attended the One City Governance board, and Deputy Leader Elect Heather Mack has also reiterated this message.

Currently, there are short term roles running the One City office and these are soon to be replaced by permanent roles. The funding model for this is also now a mixed one with four different institutions in the city contributing to the costs. 

Plans are underway for the October City gathering, to be hosted by University of Bristol, as part of their Civic University approach (Civic University Agreement for Bristol | About the University | University of Bristol)

You can also read more about the One City Approach here: The One City Approach - Bristol One City


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