The pandemic may be easing but demand for VCSE services is not

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28 September, 2021

The BBC has spoken to VCSE organisations across parts of Bristol and Somerset who are really concerned about the very real choice some people are going to face over then next few months about whether to eat or keep warm.

With fuel costs rising, less choice in the market to get a fair deal, the cost of food increasing and the uplift in universal credit being withdrawn this winter will be a very harsh one for lots of individuals and families.The charities they spoke to said that the combination of this factors has left some vulnerable families facing serious financial hardship.

The article features the Bristol North West Foodbank and where Hazel Craig is the assistant manager. The BBC quotes her as saying that the charity was "expecting to see a lot more referrals in the next few weeks". Foodbanks all over our area are most likely finding this is the case for their communities too. Justin Sargent OBE, is the chief executive of the Somerset Community Foundation also features in the piece. His organisation works with charities across the region and beyond. The Foundation provides support by way of grants and loans to community groups and individuals in need. The BBC quote him as saying "we're seeing rising demand for charity services and support".  Mr Sargent said local charities were sometimes struggling to cope with the demand for their services and while they had done a "superb job" in rising to the challenge of the past 18 months, "there comes a point where you wonder how much more you can lay on them".


Voscur provides both general support and specialist advice to VCSE organisations who need it. We can advise on all manner of issues and help to ensure that you are as well prepared as you can be for these next few months and indeed for the future. Contact us for more information about how we can work in partnership with you to help your community.