Quartet CF Resilience Fund open now

11 January, 2022

The Resilience Programme supports local charitable organisations to become more resilient. It aims to help organisations to plan and adapt to change and be better equipped to survive and thrive through challenges and opportunities that may arise.

It’s important that you can demonstrate how the grant will help build your organisation’s resilience. This programme will support at least one of the following areas:

  • Strengthening your organisation’s leadership and governance, ensuring you have the right skills available to maintain and develop your work
  • Building the capacity of your organisation’s digital/IT infrastructure to help deliver services and reach the communities you serve
  • Increasing the involvement of your service users/communities in the design, development and/or delivery of your services
  • Developing connections with other groups and organisations

The focus of this programme is supporting organisations whose primary function and service is supporting people and communities living in the West of England that face greatest inequalities and exclusion. 

The fund will close 27th January 2022 , 2:00 pm. Maximum grant is £10,000.

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