Volunteers' Week sign on white and orange metal background

Volunteers Week 2021 in Bristol: A time to say thanks

1 June, 2021 - 16:22


This Volunteers’ Week (1-7 June), Voscur has joined forces with Bristol City Council and Can Do Bristol to thank the city’s COVID-19 pandemic volunteers, from those who’ve done odd jobs or tasks for neighbours, to those who...

Colourful doors in apartment block to suggest community and diversity

What is the Month of Community? How to get involved

19 May, 2021 - 11:12


The Month of Community is a new way of combining the many causes and awareness weeks in June, to make one month-long campaign that celebrates many people in our society who might otherwise be overlooked – for example, carers, refugees, and people facing loneliness....

Queen’s Speech: Charities Bill to reduce bureaucracy

13 May, 2021 - 16:49


Set out by the Queen in her recent address to Parliament, the government’s new Charities Bill will “address a range of issues in charity law which hamper charities’ day-to-day activities”, with the aim of saving charities time and money.

Following an extensive consultation period...

Elections: Voscur looking forward to working with newly elected officials

11 May, 2021 - 09:34


In a night of mixed fortunes for Labour, Marvin Rees was elected Bristol Mayor while Dan Norris became the new Mayor of the West of England Combined Authority (previously held by Conservative Tim Bowles). The Conservatives’ Mark Shelford was elected as the new Avon and Somerset Police...

Religious texts in Islam laid on blue table

Religious people give to charity more often, and prioritise CYP organisations

10 May, 2021 - 12:12


People who have a religion give to charity more often than those with no faith, and their most prioritised cause is also different, according to...

Charity Finance Group Social Care Conference 2021

4 May, 2021 - 21:11


(Advertorial content created by Charity Finance Group, for Voscur)

Charity Finance Group: Social Care Conference 2021


Voscur’s response to the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report

28 April, 2021 - 17:26


Following the murder of George Floyd whilst in police custody in the United States and Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the UK and around the world, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson set up the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, promising the Commission would set out a “new...

Rail of clothing on bamboo hangers in clothes shop

Sustainable Fashion Week is coming: How to get your organisation involved

28 April, 2021 - 16:01


Sustainable Fashion Week is coming in September, and your organisation could be a part of this Bristol-based, national initiative that celebrates recycling, reusing and sharing clothes. Whether your organisation has a charity shop, an eBay store, a craft club, or appeals for clothing...

Voscur and the Bristol Mayoral Election

22 April, 2021 - 16:28


Voscur has received a number of erroneous complaints about alleged support for one of the candidates in this year's mayoral elections.

The complaints relate to an endorsement made by an ex-Voscur member...

How did the candidates for Bristol Mayor respond to our list of pledges?

22 April, 2021 - 10:44


On 6 May, everyone over the age of 18 who lives in Bristol will be able to vote for the city's next mayor. Also on this date, you can place your vote for the city's councillors, the West of England mayor, and the Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner.

Working with...