Bristol Youth and Community Action (BYCA) programme is funded from the Bristol High Sheriff’s Fund, and managed by Quartet Community Foundation. BYCA supports young people aged 8-12 years with a huge range of diversionary and skills- and confidence-building activities for children and young people living in disadvantaged areas of Bristol.  Quartet Community Foundation's 2016 report, Vital Signs, gives an analysis of social needs in the West of England together with the views of local communities.

One organisation in South Brisitol that has succesfully provided activities through BYCA is Youth Moves. Youth Moves and the wider BYCA programme champion early intervention and prevention work for children and young people facing disadvantage and who may be at risk of anti-social behaviour or exclusion. By supporting them with skills, confidence-building and opportunities to widen their experience, they hope to prevent problems before they escalate, and to give as many young people as possible the chance to fulfil their potential.

Click here to read how working with Youth Moves helped a young volunteer to support other local young people. There is also an interesting article about Youth Moves in Children and Young Peoiple Now.  It highlights best practice in youth work and youth services.