Bespoke training and consultancy


Voscur provides a wide range of capacity building support and specialist development advice. Some of this is through services we're funded to deliver in Bristol. Some we deliver at competitive rates in Bristol and across the West of England. The main areas of expertise we offer include: 

  1. Strategy:
    • Strategic planning
    • Business planning
    • Funding 
  2. Governance:
    • Board review and development
    • Team dynamics/building
    • Policy review and development
  3. Commissioning and collaboration:
    • Understanding equalities communities and organisations
    • Partnership development / collaborative working
    • Social value
    • Compact principles
  4. Management:
    • Leadership
    • Impact and effectiveness
    • Volunteer management
  5. Equalities:
    • Recruitment
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Performance management and appraisal
    • Developing diversity
  6. People:
    • Negotiation skills
    • Effective meetings
    • Service user involvement
    • Presenting/public speaking
    • Time management

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What is bespoke training?        

Standard courses can meet your organisation’s training needs most of the time, but sometimes you want something that's not on offer. When you need a training or development session that's a perfect fit for one of your organisation's specialist areas of work, or a whole team of people, bespoke training is the answer.

Why is it different from standard training? Why is it effective?        

For example, if you couldn’t find a special item of clothing you wanted in high street shops, you might decide to have it made (if it wasn't too expensive) to your particular requirements. It's the same with bespoke training: we help you decide what it should achieve, how to tailor it for your team's level of knowledge and learning styles, and how much time it will take. Then we design the course and deliver it at your venue. The result is a group that has increased knowledge, skills and the confidence to turn their new skills into organisational change together.

Bespoke courses are also great value for money: they usually cost less than sending several people on a standard course; they develop peer support and positive team dynamics, as well as new individual skills; and they're designed to meet 100% of your development needs rather than just choosing the best of what's available.

How much does it cost?

The standard costs (which exclude VAT) in the table below include:

  • Course planning discussions to agree the requirements
  • Development of the course to your individual requirements
  • Delivery of the training at your office (or alternative agreed venue)
  • Course materials (trainer's materials and participant handouts)
  • Facilitation of follow-up support via Voscur's other service - Support Hub, peer support, three specialist networks, commissioning support, etc.
  • An evaluation of the training to review outcomes and requirements and any next steps
   Voscur Full Member Associate
< £10k
£10 - 100k
£100 - 500k
> £500k

1 day from


£463 £546 £663 £821 £1047
1/2 day from £219 £301 £387 £499 £554 £657

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To discuss your organisation's requirements, or to find out more about Voscur's consultancy or bespoke training, email David and/or Lucy or call 0117 909 9949.