5 free websites for 5 worthy causes in a single day!

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15 November, 2017


Next February, Bristol will host Europe's first 'Do_Action' event - a one-day hackathon with the aim of building 5 websites for 5 worthy causes in a single day.

The event, which is being overseen by The WordPress Foundation and run by volunteers, was set up because it was recognised that many local charities and non-profits are too stretched to allocate their budgets to a new website.

A good quality website can go a long way to promoting your hard work and showcasing what you offer. However, they are often either expensive to design and build, or very time consuming to do inhouse. This WordPress Community event will create 5 well designed and expertly developed Wordpress sites, using a bank of skilled volunteers.

Charities and non-profit organisations who need a new website can apply here: https://doaction.org/event/bristol-2018/ - please submit registrations by mid-December at the latest.

Those who are interested can keep an eye on the website for updates: https://doaction.org/event/bristol-2018/

The charity hackathon will be held on Friday 23 February 2018 at DeskLodge in Bristol and the new websites will be completed in a single day.

N.b, In order to apply your organisation must be legally constituted and must not preach religious doctrine (but can be informed by religious ideals).

If you have a question about the process or event please email  Tess Coughlan-Allen who is volunteering as the lead on this event.



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