Age Friendly Business Toolkit

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Walk Credit Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

Bristol Ageing Better has launched a new age-friendly business toolkit.

The toolkit is aimed at supporting local businesses that want to be more age-friendly.

The key mechanisms included in the toolkit are:

  • An overview of key aspects of age-friendliness
  • 4 profiles of Bristol-based businesses that have developed successful ways to engage older people
  • A self-assessment checklist and action plan template so that you can develop a framework through which to improve your age-friendliness
  • Information about accreditations, networks and additional resources that you may wish to explore

Bristol Ageing Better, produced the toolkit after learning that small changes make a huge difference to quality of life for older people. By producing an accessible toolkit such as this, it hopes to urge businesses to think of older people in all decisions they make.