Consultation on Bristol City Council's Corporate Strategy 2017/18 - 2021/22

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol said:
"We have no choice but to make major savings following years of government austerity and the rising cost of providing vital services to more people. At the same time we want to deliver on our priorities and make Bristol a more equal city where no-one is left behind and where there is less of a need to rely on the council doing everything it once did. To do that we will work more closely with partners around the city to tackle Bristol’s biggest issues and enable more people to get involved in providing services.
"Last week’s election demonstrated that the UK’s major cities have rejected austerity and the damaging impact it continues to have on our lives at a local level. I will be asking the UK’s other major cities to join me in taking an argument to the new government for a fairer, more sustainable deal for our cities. These proposals reflect our current financial position and how we can provide adequate services without spreading ourselves hopelessly thin. It’s a tough call, but we’re asking ourselves questions like ‘Would we rather have 27 libraries which are hardly ever open, or 10 which have longer hours and better facilities?
"We want your ideas and views across the board and we will be considering them carefully before any decisions are made."