Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

Image Credit: 
Gayatri Malhotra via Unsplash


There are lots of reasons that you, your staff and service users might experience high levels of anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic - health concerns, job insecurity, pre-existing mental or physical health conditions, worries for family and friends, housing situations, and so on. 

You can use this workbook as a tool to understand and manage anxiety around coronavirus and the uncertainty we are living in. It is full of practical tips and exercises, such as an information diet (reducing the amount of information you consume, so you aren't overwhelmed), thought challenging, and a stress-resilience action plan. 

Key takeaways from this resource:

  • Anxiety has both physical and mental symptoms.
  • It is important to balance verified medical news and information about coronavirus with good news stories on topics that may or may not be related. Uplifting content can help you manage your anxiety and distract you from spiralling thoughts. 
  • You may feel powerless in the middle of this pandemic. It helps to separate the things you can control (such as your routine, and following trusted information and advice) from the things you can't control (such as other people's decisions, or government actions). 

This workbook has been produced by The Wellness Society CIC as copyright-free content, and you are free to share it and put it on your own website as long as you link back to The Wellness Society website.