Data Collection for Impact Measurement tool


This is part of a toolkit that summarises a suite of resources and tools developed by DOT PROJECT in partnership with key experts as part of the Charity Digital Leaders programme.

The purpose of the toolkit is to provide organisations with a starting point to assess their digital approach.  More comprehensive support and guidance can be found in the presentations from the training sessions, to request a copy of these please email:

Most organisations need to collect data to carry out their routine activities, and many organisations will need to use data to report on progress.

It is essential that data is collected, stored and managed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Furthermore knowing how to access data which will enable you to report on progress will make measuring impact easier in the long run.

Tool 5 Data Collection for Impact Measurement has been provided to ensure you have the basic information in place to support your data collection and management approach. It enables you to assess how you are collecting data which supports your impact measurement approach.