Tool 7: Choosing the right tool for your digital fundraising approach

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Funding Directions Credit Nicole Wilcox via Unsplash


This is the final part of a toolkit that summarises a suite of resources and tools developed by DOT PROJECT in partnership with key experts as part of the Charity Digital Leaders programme.

The purpose of the toolkit is to provide organisations with a starting point to assess their digital approach.  More comprehensive support and guidance can be found in the presentations from the training sessions, to request a copy of these please email:

In collaboration with BANES 3SG, DOT PROJECT has developed a checklist to help you take a step by step approach to choosing the right tool for your digital fundraising approach.

A key starting point is understanding your audience and their behaviours, to determine whether a digital fundraising approach will be relevant for your organisation.  It is also important to ensure you have the time and resources to maintain a digital fundraising approach as it requires regular communication and storytelling to keep audiences engaged.

To find out more about Local Giving, one of the digital fundraising tools introduced during the training, visit: