Commissioning and the Compact

Photo by Regent Language Training CC BY 2.0

Voscur has been working in the area of commissioning for many years, both supporting groups to engage directly with commissioning processes, and facilitating a productive dialogue between the sector and local commissioners in order to make these processes as accessible as possible for the widest selection of local groups.

Whether you need some pointers on becoming commissioning ready, or more intensive support around a particular bid, we can help. Voscur has a designated Partnerships and Collaborations Manager who leads this work, supported by our expert team of development workers.

Alongside our commissioning work, we also support the Bristol Compact which lays the foundations for working across sectors and encourages using these partnerships to propel our work forwards and doing things in new and innovative ways for the benefit of our shared communities. The Bristol Compact is the agreement between sectors that describes best practice in relationships and our mutual commitments to effective partnership working.