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Funding your Future

2020 is a new project that will bring together charities and social enterprises from around the city to learn and grow together. We’ll be providing free training, one-to-one advice and regular peer support workshops. Together these will enable you to improve your governance and impact measurement, produce a compelling business plan to generate surplus income and incorporate social loans into a more sustainable funding mix.

What is the aim of the programme?

The programme has four main aims which are to help local organisations:

  1. Make best use of any assets (particularly buildings, land, facilities, systems, intellectual property) they own or manage;
  2. Explore future income streams as part of a sustainable mix that might include grants, contracts, loans, trading and investment;
  3. Work with local stakeholders to articulate their social impact and improve business planning;
  4. Strengthen their trustee boards so they are better able to assess risks to the organisation’s sustainability, and to manage new types of funding to address those risks.

What support is available?

Four main types of support are available:

  1. One-to-one development work on social impact and business planning.
  2. Peer support sessions with a network of organisations sharing common challenges and goals but working with different neighbourhoods and communities.
  3. Access to grants for specific pieces of work that enable assets to be utilised more effectively.
  4. Technical assistance for groups that are close to being investment-ready that may need targeted support before beginning due diligence.

Which organisations are eligible for help?

2020 is open to charities and social enterprises across Bristol and the wider West of England.

It is particularly focused on those organisations that manage or plan to make use of an asset and/or social investment in their business plan.

It is designed to be useful to a range of organisations at different stages of business planning – including those new to enterprise, groups aiming to increase earned income and community hubs seeking to be more sustainable. Although a small number of groups should become investment-ready by the end of the project, we recognise the majority won’t – but every organisation involved will benefit from:

  • increasing their understanding of finance options;
  • developing a network of allies working through common challenges and opportunities;
  • improving their business planning skills.

How do I get involved?

At the moment, there are three ways to get involved:

  1. Complete this online form to register for the 2020 peer network, and we’ll get back to you with further details and
  2. The first 2020 network meeting will be in February. Complete the form in advance and we'll let you know when it's comfirmed. 
  3. Contact us (see below) to ask any questions.

Who should I contact to find out more?

Call the Voscur office on 0117 909 9949 or email Jenny or David.

2020 is a Connect Fund project delivered by Voscur in partnership with Bristol & Bath Regional Capital.

2020 Social Invest South West  Bristol & Bath Regional Capital Connect Fund