Twitter Polls

We are doing some snap, online Twitter polls to gain direct feedback on ideas coming out of interviews and events with stakeholders.

The first poll clearly indicates that the majority of people feel that collaboration should be a key priority for the sector over the next 5 years.

The second indicates that strong leadership is going to be crucial in the next 5 years if the sector is to survive and thrive.

Another poll has now been launched about important sector attributes - you can follow and contribute to these polls using #BristolVCSEstrategy_compact



Bristol Compact – last updated in 2012, this is the current local agreement between the VCSE sector and the public sector in Bristol. 

Commentary on the Bristol Compact – The Bristol Compact Partners’ Group views about the values, themes and commitments of the current Bristol Compact. The commentary includes the Group’s thoughts about which parts of the Compact as still current and no longer needed. 

>>Read the Bristol Compact

>>Read the Commentary.