Here you can find a range of tools, checklists and guidance to help you manage and improve the performance of your organisation. More resources are added frequently but if what you want is not here, go to advice for other ways to get the answer you need.

West of England Civil Society Partnership (WoECSP)

The West of England Civil Society Partnership (WoECSP) is a registered Community Interest Company established by Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector (VCSE) infrastructure and support organisations across the West of England .

Funding Bids Planning Checklist

Most major funders report that bids fail for simple, basic reasons. The project was ineligible, a question wasn’t answered, the budget didn’t add up, a document wasn’t provided, the bid arrived after the deadline.

Beginner's Guide to Commissioning

A guide to the processes of commissioning. This guide was written for people who help others to write bids (e.g. staff in development agencies such as Voscur) but it may also be useful for groups who deliver services directly.

Developing a fundraising strategy

Having a good funding strategy saves a lot of time and effort, and makes it more likely that you’ll bring in the resources you need. This framework can be used as a separate Funding Strategy, or incorporated into your Business Plan.

Turning your vision into an investable proposition

Although you have a great Social Enterprise idea, you won’t get funding for ideas alone.