FREE Laptops needed for Community Group


Hi All
We are a volunteer led community group that supports individuals and and organisations, find and sustain volunteers.
Most of our project is managed online facebook, instagram, twitter and emails.
We need 2 laptop for the social media volunteers with Windows 10 if possible.
Please contact us if you can support us
Huge Thanks



FREE cycle lessons

0117 353 4580


Free cycle lessons

Save money, lose weight, get around quickly and easily… on a bike!

Life Cycle's qualified instructors can teach you the skills to cycle safely and confidently - wherever you want to go:

FREE to anyone who lives or works in Bristol: 

  • You'll be trained by your own personal instructor
  • Training times and location arranged to suit you
  • We can also help you source a loan or low cost bike.

Don't delay - find out more today:



Free training & management books on offer

07866 184704

Free training & management books on offer:

• The Perfect Appraisal – All You Need To Get It Right First Time – Howard Hudson

• Supervision in the Helping Professions – Peter Hawkins & Robin Shohet

• The People Managers Pocketbook – A Pocketful of Practical Ideas for Dealing with Management & Supervisory Situations – Ian Fleming

• A Guide To The Identification of Training Needs – T.H. Boydell

• Training & How To Enjoy It – A Community Groups Training Pack

• Training & How Not To Panic – A Practical Guide to Training Skills for people working with community groups, voluntary organisations & local authorities

• How To Run A Successful Course for Adult Learners – Jan Sutton

• Art Games & Structures for Groups – Marian Liebmann

• Action Learning – A Practical Guide – Krystyna Weinstein

• D.I.Y Handbook for Action Learners – Many Chivers & Mike Pedlar

• Systemic Coaching – A Target Orientated Approach to Consulting – Nino Tomaschek

Contact me by email – or by phone 07866 184704 to arrange collection.


Free Red Cross Every Day First Aid Workshops for 10-19 Yr Olds

The British Red Cross are currently offering 10-19 year olds (year 6 pupils) FREE Every Day First Aid workshops in the Bristol area. This programme covers very simple to learn and simple to remember First Aid skills. Our targeted workshops focus on First Aid emergencies.

- The sessions can range from 40-120 minutes and are tailored to fit your group or classes needs.

- The workshop helps to enable young people to feel, more confident, willing and able to help someone who is experiencing a first aid emergency.

- You can expect engaging, interactive sessions using thought-provoking age appropriate resources e.g. games, videos, images, discussions, role-plays.

- All our educators are fully trained in facilitation and safeguarding.

- Our crisis education fits into many parts of the curriculum: PSHE: Risks, rights, responsibilities, resilience, how to keep yourself safe; SMSC: Understanding the consequence of actions, helping others; English: Discussions, presentations; Drama: Role-play; Science: Material properties, body.

Some examples of the skills that can be covered in the workshops include:  

  • Helping someone who is bleeding
  • Helping someone who is choking
  • Helping someone who is unconscious and breathing
  • Helping someone who is unconscious and not breathing
  • Helping someone who has a burn or scald
  • Helping someone who is having an asthma attack
  • Helping someone who has suffered a head injury
  • Helping someone who has a broken bone
  • Helping someone who is having a stroke


Please contact Sergio Zedda at or on 07912080909

01173 012628 // 07912080909



Free Cycle Parking for Bristol Organisations


Take A Stand® - Free Cycle Parking

Secure, visible cycling parking is a great way to deter bicycle thieves and encourage more cycling. The Take a Stand® scheme offers free cycle parking stands to voluntary organisations, community groups and small businesses.

Bristol City Council support organisations with up to 4 ‘Sheffield’ cycle stands, supplied and delivered free of charge by Life Cycle UK.

The application process is really easy and delivery swift – you just need to install the stands yourself.

The project comes to an end in March 2017 so apply now:



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