Welcome to Voscur

Voscur is a charity that provides direct support services and specialist advice to voluntary organisations and social enterprises across Bristol. We increase the impact of their work, make sure they’re well represented in partnerships and can speak up on behalf of their clients to decision-makers. Key areas of our work are:

Running your organisation | Voice & Influence | Training | Equalities | Commissioning | Local knowledge

As well as a source of information, this website is here for you to use to share announcements, promote your events and recruit for paid and voluntary roles. Please see the left hand menu and give us a call if you cannot find what you need. 

We hope to update this website in the coming months to improve navigation and make sure it is fully up to date and fit for purpose. We find constructive feedback really helpful and would greatly appreciate if you could send any thoughts and suggestions to: jess@voscur.org

For more information on using this site and creating your log-in, visit: Using the website.