With strong governance and strategic leadership, there are no limits to what a VCSE sector organisations can achieve. But solid governance requires knowledge and work, and continual review to check that you are leading change and not simply reacting to it.

Voscur offers support to Board Members and Chief Executive Officers in their strategic and crisis management of established VCSE sector organisations.

Our governance support is focussed on helping boards to work as effectively as they can and to carry out their duties towards regulators and serving the beneficiaries of their organisations.

Recently, groups have been supported by Voscur to:

  • Recruit and induct new board members. 
  • Change their charity structure.
  • Plan how to manage activity in a crisis.
  • Manage or prepare for change in their organisations.
  • Develop key policies for their organisations.

Voscur is able to provide some free support to eligible local groups and has a range of other support on offer. This governance support might involve a single discussion over the phone, an email exchange or more extended support providing advice or bespoke facilitation or training.

For best practice in charity governance, we would also recommend that you take a look at the Charity Governance Code. This Code is a practical tool to help charities and their trustees develop high standards of governance.