While Voscur is committed to complying with the WCAG guidelines, and delivering resources on the internet that are AAA standard, we recognise that web technology has moved on since their creation, and a number of them are less applicable than at their time of publication.  Our central objective is that users find our sites accessible and usable in practice.

Accessibility features of technologies used on this site

This website is designed with Drupal 7 and currently validates as XHTML + RDFa 

We use the YouTube embedding service for video and desire to close caption all videos, subject to capacity - Using YouTube with a screen reader

Document formats - pdf, doc, rtf, ods, txt, xls

Accessible keyboard shortcuts for navigation - not implemented 

House style guidelines - in development

Browser Support

Please contact us to ask a question about accessibility

For more information on Computer Accessibility in general we recommend My Computer My Way