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Voscur’s Customer Charter

As a member or customer of Voscur you will …

...  expect to hear from us promptly.

Voscur will do its best to respond to your initial enquiry within two working days, or within a deadline to be agreed with you or your organisation.  

...  be treated impartially and fairly and on equal terms with other local organisations.

Voscur will remain impartial where there are internal or external difficulties for organisations and will offer support and resolution, rather than taking sides.

...  always know where there is a charge for the services you require, and who funds the services we are able to provide free of charge.

Once Voscur identifies the level and kind of service that you need, it will be clear if there are charges for any element of that service, or any services we refer you to, so that you can make an informed decision.

...  be sure to receive a service that is designed to be accessible, easy to use, culturally sensitive and tailored to your needs.  

Voscur is committed to provide services that are appropriate for its members and customers.  Voscur will engage specialist advice or services if needed.  Voscur staff and volunteers regularly undertake Equality and Diversity training.

…  be clear about what we expect of you, in terms of participation, communication and commitment.  In return we will be clear about what you can expect from us.

Voscur will clearly set out the level of service it can provide and the investment that is required from your organisation in order to make sure that you get the full benefits of the services offered to you.

...  be sure that your enquiry is treated with confidentiality and that we will only share your details with a third party with your knowledge and permission.

You can be confident that should you approach Voscur for support that your query or request for help will be handled in a professional and confidential manner and that Voscur will not disclose any information outside of the organisation without discussion.

...  be dealt with to the best of our ability and knowledge.

Voscur will use the most accurate and relevant information, and is committed to continuous professional development for staff to ensure the delivery of excellent services.  Where your enquiry is beyond internal capacity Voscur will be clear about the limitations of the support and suggest other relevant sources.

… be encouraged to engage in Voscur's activities which support, develop and represent your organisation.

Voscur is committed to the voluntary and community sector in Bristol and recognise that we all benefit from working together.  There may be areas of Voscur’s activities that you are not aware of and we aim to give you the knowledge, skills and capacity to be more fully involved across the sector.

...  be welcome to give feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions with regard to the services that Voscur offers.

If you have any comments or suggestions about improving our services, please contact us. We always value your input and help to make what we do better.

Equally, if you feel that Voscur has not met its commitments as set out in the charter above, please contact us. Feedback is always taken seriously. Any expression of dissatisfaction (such as a ‘poor’ evaluation of a training session or event), will be taken forward for wider discussion, investigation and for a formal response.  Your feedback helps to inform and shape the services that we provide.  Should you not receive a satisfactory response or conclusion to feedback, or you feel that there has been a shortfall in the standard of the service that we have provided, please follow the Voscur complaints procedure.

Download a copy of Voscur's Customer Charter

Complaints Procedure

How to Make a Complaint
Voscur provides a range of services to inform, develop and represent the Voluntary and Community Sector in Bristol. Voscur aims to provide a high quality service at all times. Voscur wants its services to be efficient and effective, to ensure that services are accessible to all sections of the community, and that we work towards continuous improvement.

Voscur would like to hear from you if you have not been happy with any aspect of the organisation, and want to give feedback, make suggestions or to make a complaint. If you have not been happy with the service you have received, Voscur would encourage you to resolve the problem informally either with the individual concerned or another member of staff within the organisation. Should this not result in satisfaction then please follow our complaints procedure

Voscur will take your complaint seriously and do all it can to ensure that the situation is resolved.

Voscur Limited
Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol  BS1 4GB

Tel:  0117 909 9949

Adopted: September 2005. Reviewed: June 2010. Address change: November 2011. Reviewed: May 2014.

Step One
If your complaint is not resolved informally, you can contact a manager by telephone, email or letter using the above contact details, to lodge your complaint at the Voscur office.  

Your complaint will be assessed by a manager and a response to the complaint given in writing. If you would prefer to speak to someone who was not involved in the situation then go straight to step two.

You should receive confirmation of receipt of your complaint within five working days and a response within 10 working days.

Step Two
If your complaint has not been resolved informally or in step one, the next step is to contact the chief executive or resources manager, by letter, telephone, email, or via the website. 

Voscur will investigate your complaint by talking to you and other people involved in the situation, reviewing systems and any documentation where appropriate.  Voscur will give you a written response to the complaint and/or explain steps and measures that will be taken in future to ensure the problem does not recur.

You should receive confirmation of receipt of your complaint within five working days and a formal response within 15 working days.

Step Three
You may wish your complaint to be heard at a more senior level. A list giving contact details of the Board of Trustees is available at or you may contact the Voscur office by letter, telephone or email asking for Board of Trustee contact details or for your complaint to be taken to step three.  

Members of the Board of Trustees will review the situation surrounding the complaint. You may be invited to meet with a board member to discuss the matter. Members of the Board of Trustees will produce a full written report giving a response to the complaint and/or explain steps and measure that will be taken in future to ensure the problem does not recur.

You should receive confirmation of receipt of your complaint within five working days and from then on will be kept informed of progress, procedures and timescales at all times.

Summaries of formal complaints and their resolutions will be reviewed by the members of the board of trustees.

Click here to download Voscur's Complaints Procedure

List of Voscur Staff
List of Voscur Trustees

Website terms of use

Voscur is a registered charity (1148403) and not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (3918210). If you wish to contact us about any issues you find on this website, or object to any of the content displayed on our site, please get in touch

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Information, advice and your privacy

Although we try to ensure all information on our website is up to date and accurate, we do not accept responsibility for the content or accuracy of materials found on our website. We are not liable for any damages caused by information you get from our site or any connections made to it.

Our advice

Any advice we give is given to the best of our knowledge. However, our advice should not be taken as substitute for relevant legal advice and users of our site should always check any advice and information provided for themselves and with other advisors whenever relevant. Much of our information is given to us directly by individuals and organisations and as such we cannot be responsible for inaccuracies they might provide. This applies to information provided via the site regardless of the method or format of communication, i.e. from a web page, via email, via the support inquiry service, via online forums, via live chat, etc. 

External websites we link to

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Data protection and accuracy

To provide our services we require detailed information about organisations and individuals providing charitable services within Bristol and the South West. We rely on you to tell us if information is incorrect or out of date and if we need to make any changes. 

You provide us with information when you use our site (through cookies), register with us, subscribe to our newsletter, post information on our website for publication. By submitting this information you are agreeing to us storing and using it for monitoring and our own marketing purposes, unless specifically requested otherwise.

Before providing information about other people or organisations, it is your responsibility to obtain their consent to the disclosing and processing of the information in accordance with this policy. We are not liable for any information given to us without this consent. 

Information transmitted over the internet cannot be completely secure and we do not guarantee the safety of your data during transmission. You are responsible for keeping your password for this site safe and secure. We will notify you of any unauthorised access to the data we hold. 

Disclosure of information 

Some of our services involve sharing information about other organisations in Bristol. We will only share your details in this manner with your explicit permission, and only information which we deem to be necessary. We are not responsible for the accuracy of this information, nor for any personal details which are made public due to user input error. If you wish for any information to not be shared in this manner, please contact us using the link at the top of this page. 

Even if you have requested information be kept private, we may disclose information as required by law in connection with ongoing or prospective legal proceedings. This may be to establish a defence or exercise our legal rights including for purposes of fraud prevention and reducing credit risk. 

Full full details regarding GDPR, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Retrieval of information 

You have the right to ask us to provide details of the information we hold about you and how it is processed, subject to the presentation of appropriate identity. We will provide this information within one month of receiving a request in a clear and understandable way. We reserve the right to withhold releasing information if in doing so it makes detecting crime more difficult or relates to national security.

If you no longer wish for us to store your information you have the “right to be forgotten” and can request we delete or stop processing any information we hold about you. If we have no legitimate reason to keep the information we will delete it.