How do I add events to Voscur's calendar?

Promoting your event through Voscur is a great way to reach a wider audience of people that work for or with the VCSE sector.

Please read the information below, then click the link at the end to add your event to the Voscur calendar.

To do this, you need to have a site login. If you don't have one already, please set up a login here.

  • If the event you're adding is free of charge to participants, there is no charge for using Voscur's calendar to promote it.
  • If your event involves paying a fee, it's free to promote it if you're a Voscur member. To become a Voscur member, please complete this application form.
  • If your event involves paying a fee, and you're not a Voscur member, there normally is a charge of £15 for each event you promote.

Once you have saved the event details, our admin team will then check it over before publishing the advert on our site. This will usually be done within one working day between Monday and Thursday, or by the following week if event details are saved on a Friday.

We will invoice your organisation for each event you create.

You must have the appropriate rights or licence before uploading your own image. Clicking the link below confirms you do have such rights and you will be required to provide the relevant image credit with the image on the next page. If you do not have the appropriate rights or licence to use an image, please do not upload it, as you remain responsible for any potential copyright infringements. Voscur reserves the right to remove images if a correct credit is not provided and/or if it believes the image is not being properly used.

Click here to add your event; by clicking this link you accept the above terms and conditions.

Extra promotion: Paid advertorial with Voscur

Would you like your event or job advert to be promoted further through Voscur's media channels? We now offer a range of advertorial (paid advertising) options through our website, ebulletin and social media channels. Click here for details.