Advertorial through Voscur's media channels

Advertising sign on shopfront

Does your marketing need a bit of a boost? Work with us to create advertorial (paid advertising) to promote your service, event, job or campaign.

There are two main advertorial options to choose from - outlined below - but we can also design a bespoke advertorial package specifically for your organisation.


Option A: Complete advertorial package

1. A piece of advertorial in the ‘news’ section, selected as ‘featured news’ for one week, which places it prominently on the Voscur homepage. Content to be provided by you, with Voscur retaining editorial control to fit house style.

2. The subject and headline article (described in point 1) in our next ebulletin (if your promotion relates to a job or an event).

3. Three promotional tweets and two Facebook posts highlighting your organisation, the callout and the event (in line with ASA guidelines, these must be marked ‘#ad’). These can include images supplied by you or stock imagery sourced by Voscur.

Cost for this service: £545 + VAT


Option B: Starter advertorial package

1. Listed as ‘Featured event’ or ‘Featured news’ (as applicable) on the homepage of the Voscur website for one week.

  • If selecting news, you would be given the first news story in that week's bulletin. Once the week has passed, news content can still be found on the Voscur website.
  • If selecting event, you would be given an events listing that remains on the Voscur website calendar until the event date.

2. A link to the event/news listing and a featured content position in our next full ebulletin or jobs and events ebulletin (depending on time-scale required, and if you are promoting a job, event, service or campaign).

3. One promotional tweet, one Facebook post and one LinkedIn post, highlighting your news/event.

Cost for this service: £169 + VAT



To discuss what Voscur can do for you, please contact Tom Dewey on 0117 909 9949 or