LGBTQ+ services/organisations in Bristol – tell us about your organisation

Voscur is creating a partnership of LGBTQ+ voluntary, charitable, grassroots, social enterprise and community organisations in Bristol. As part of this, we’re gathering information about what organisations, events and services for LGBTQ+ already exist in Bristol.

Are you part of an voluntary, charitable or grassroots/community organisation that hosts events, runs sessions or advocates for LGBTQ+ people?

If so, please complete this survey to tell us about your organisation and the work you do.

By this, we mean that the leadership of your organisation mostly identifies as LGBTQ+.
We’re setting up a partnership of LGBTQ+ voluntary, charitable, grassroots and social enterprise organisations, and we are also recruiting LGBTQ+ organisations to join a steering group to advise on the aims of this partnership. Please tick each one that you like to join.
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