Health is Everybody's Business: Exploring ways to promote wellbeing at work

Tuesday, 22 June, 2021 - 10:00 to 12:00
Organised/hosted by: 
Bristol Get Well Get On

Healthy, happy workplaces are good for everyone: individuals, employers and the wider economy all benefit from reduced sickness absence.

Find out how you can help make this happen!

The session will be both informative and practical and will be supplemented by a toolkit of useful resources to help you manage health related issues in the future.

Key topics:

* Understanding the impact of long term health conditions, particularly invisible illnesses

* Increasing awareness of other people's mental health

* Sharing ideas on having supportive conversations about health difficulties

* Exploring barriers to opening up about health conditions, particularly in the workplace

* Generating discussion about how to promote wellbeing at work

These workshops are delivered by Get Well Get On*, an employment support service from the Richmond Fellowship and Bristol City Council that supports individuals and their employers to manage health conditions at work. We also deliver these workshops to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Bristol area, and can tailor them to reflect your needs. For more information contact us.




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David Mitchell