Recognising and Responding to Challenging Behaviour

Tuesday, 17 October, 2023 - 09:30 to 13:30
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The Peer Partnership

Working with people with complex lives can be difficult, especially when service-users might display strong defensive, aggressive, or disengaging behaviours that can interrupt constructive and meaningful engagement. In order to work effectively with clients who may exhibit challenging behaviour, this workshop explores the causes, biomechanics, strategies, and timings to manage and de-escalate potentially difficult circumstances.

This workshop explores challenging behaviour, how to recognise it, and techniques to work out when and how to intervene to try and de-escalate these situations.

Our workshop includes:

  • What is challenging behaviour and where does it come from.
  • The biomechanics of being triggered.
  • When and how to intervene.
  • How to avoid triggering challenging behaviour.

Aims and Objectives

  • An understanding of what challenging behaviour is and where it comes from.
  • An understanding of when and how to intervene.
  • An exploration of situations that can occur, and how they can be managed.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for staff and volunteers of voluntary, community, and social enterprise organisations across the UK, especially those in public-facing roles. Participants will benefit from having undertaken work with people who have exhibited challenging behaviour, but this is not essential, and this workshop can be delivered as an introduction to the theory of de-escalation. There will be a maximum of 15 participants per workshop to allow for meaningful engagement.

How to book: 

To book a place on this online workshop, please visit Eventbrite here: Recognising and Responding to Challenging Behaviour Registration Link

If you would like to arrange this training for your organisation specifically, please contact The Peer Partnership on 0117 9555 038 or email

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Sean Hourigan
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