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Many Bristol VCS organisations are interested in commissioning – to influence processes so that commissioned services focus on the most precarious communities; and to be commissioned to deliver services in communities. Voscur works in many ways to support the process and VCS engagement with commissioning.

Latest commissioning news


Commissioning opportunities – to influence and to deliver

There may be opportunities for your group/organisation to influence the design of future services and to deliver services that are being commissioned. Bristol’s public sector bodies use online services to promote both the consultation and procurement stage of the commissioning process with potential providers and stakeholders. Use the consultation links below to see current commissioning and other consultations.

Consultation stage links

Bristol City Council: Ask Bristol Consultation Hub
NHS England - Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSSG) Area Team

Procurement stage links

  • Bristol City Council use an e-system called ProContract. You can register with ProContract, no charge, and get updates on procurement opportunities.  To register with ProContract and find out more about contracting with Bristol City Council click here
  • All governement, including local authority contracts over £10,000 can be seen at the national contracts finder web site. Click here
  • Check web sites of government agencies - 'news', 'get involved' and 'events' to see what procurement is being planned
    We recommend that VSC organisations register (and keep their registrations up to date) on e-procurement systems, so that they receive notifications of opportunities. 
    In addition to those websites, public bodies consult on their plans and publish documents that include their commissioning intentions. See Bristol City Council's commissioning intentions (April 2016)

    Commissioning-related resources 

    Is your organisation ready for commissioning? Voscur’s Support Hub produces many useful resources and tools to help organisations influence and engage with commissioning. Click here.
    Examples of the latest resources
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    Are you commissioning ready?
    This information sheet will help you to decide if your organisation is ready to enter into commissioning.   

    Fact sheet/guide symbol
    Bristol City Council's glossary of terms for commissioning and procurement.
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    Collaboration Support Resources
    A range of briefings, workshops and templates designed to help smaller organisations throughout the collaboration process.

    Additional information and resources directly related to Bristol CCG, NHS England and Health and Social Care can be found here