Community Leadership Award
This award is for an individual who has made a difference in their city through volunteering, campaigning or leading others to make an outstanding contribution to VCSE aims or projects in Bristol.

Voting is now closed. The winner will be announced at the Voscurs Awards Ceremony on Thursday 31 January 2019. Click here for more information and to book your place.

Abdi Barud | Lorraine Bush | Rachel Colley | Tony Hall | | Aled Osbourne | Samira Musse | Amy Perrin | Andy Ray

Abdi Barud
Please tell us about their volunteering, campaigning or other leadership work:
Abdi is the chairman of Bristol Somali Interactive media organisation . He campaigns on issues affecting the Somali community but that are little understood by them such as FGM, autism and mental health and tries to bring awareness of these topics to Somali's and those from other cultures who have not been brought up to regard these issues in the same way as people in the West. He does this through YouTube videos and other high profile campaigns using different social media that are readily engaging, particularly for younger people. His Association also presents its own awards to people in Bristol who help the Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) community and he regularly interviews celebrities and other people with influence to hold them to account and put to them the issues being faced by BAME communities in Bristol.

Please tell us about the impact of this person on their neighbourhood or the city:
Abdi has succeeded in raising the awareness of difficult and sensitive topics among BAME communities, often those that are regarded as taboo and so are not usually talked about by BAME communities and has identified and then held prominent Bristol people to account and presented to them the issues being faced by BAME communities in Bristol.

Lorraine Bush
Please tell us about their volunteering, campaigning or other leadership work:
Lorraine Bush is an original founder and CEO of Hawkspring, the community organisation that provides drug and alcohol support for people in South Bristol. Hawkspring was formed in 2013 from two local community organisations , Kwads and Hawks. Lorraine is one of the driving forces and works tirelessly to ensure that Hawkspring continues to offer services that are hugely important to people in South Bristol.  Hawkspring has developed an innovative 'whole family' approach to working with people in the community.  Lorraine has led the organisation through thick and thin, building an amazing team of supporters, staff, volunteers and trustees - all with strong connections to the local community. At the same time as running the organisation , Lorraine forms amazing connections with many families and is widely supported by the community. "Hawkspring's strength is that it grew from the needs in the community and Lorraine is a key part of its success in serving the community and making a difference to people's lives." Cllr Helen Holland.

Please tell us about the impact of this person on their neighbourhood or the city:
Selfless, driven, focussed, inspirational - all words used by our service users to describe Lorraine.  Thanks to Lorraine, Hawkspring recently secured over 5-9 years of funding for their whole family approach in a partnership with DHI. This new contract will provide much needed support for many local people in the coming years. Hawkspring's results are impressive: in the last year, 445 people and 35 families were supported; ¾ of Recovery/Relapse clients report abstinence or stability after service; all reported improved wellbeing. "She never gives up on people even when they had given up on themselves. She has always gone above and beyond to care for others." Service user.  Lorraine has made a huge difference in our community for the last 20 years and we are making this nomination to thank her. This is especially important at this time because Lorraine is living with pancreatic cancer. We're all supporting her and hope that this nomination results in the recognition of her fantastic contribution to the people and community in South Bristol. There is also a fundraising campaign for treatment - - this nomination and donations would send a great message of thanks and support for Lorraine.

Rachel Colley
Please tell us about their volunteering, campaigning or other leadership work:
Rachel works tirelessly as Community Manager at The Students' Union at UWE going beyond what is expected. She developed a brand new Community Department bringing together volunteering, sustainability, fundraising and more. She has been instrumental in the sustainability agenda being driven forward at UWE Bristol through her passion and determination. She project managed Bring Your Own Bowl (BYOB) - a food waste and community building event primarily for students in halls, to establishing a Raising and Giving to put students at the heart of community fundraising. The impact of her work has been felt within the university community, but beyond into the city and region and have been recognised nationally. Not only this, but Rachel is a volunteer herself and commits her spare time to befriending and making positive differences to the local community. Rachel is an asset to the SU and is an individual who deserves to be recognised .

Please tell us about the impact of this person on their neighbourhood or the city:
Rachel's work contributes to Bristols visions of ‘Healthy Environment and Infrastructure’ and ‘People and Place’, and she does so through empowering others to lead the change through community and meaningful partnerships and relationships.  Developed a partnership with Feedback Gleaning Network for a new student volunteering project. Gleaning more than 3 tonnes of fruit and vegetables and saving 120kg of organic veg in one session alone. A UWE Disco Soup event was hosted at local community cafe, where volunteers helped prepare a food waste feast for over 30 members of the community. Creating networks and tackling social isolation. 
GreenSpace won South Gloucestershire Council Chair's Community Award 2018.
 The SU was awarded NUS Green Impact ‘excellent’ and overall winner ‘Commercial Students' Union’. NUS Alcohol Impact Accreditation, achieving 73% score rate from a pass rate of 53%.
Introduced compostable coffee cups saving 1 Tonne of carbon within 6 months.

Tony Hall
Please tell us about their volunteering, campaigning or other leadership work:
Tony created Bristol Dementia Action Alliance (BDAA) in 2013. He has been caring for wife Barbara who has lived with symptoms of Frontal Temporal Dementia for 19 years.  He has run hundreds off free awareness sessions at Bristol businesses and organisations empowering them to make a difference to the lives of people living with Dementia and their carers.
 Tony set up a Memory Cafe in Westbury and supports other cafes throughout Bristol. BDAA became a charity in 2016 and is planning its sustainable future while aiming to make Bristol The Dementia Friendly City of the UK.
 Tony, who is in his 70s, works tirelessly to raise awareness in Bristol. He has co-led and created a free multi-faith Dementia Friendly Church event and a resource pack.
 He has sought and secured many thousands of pounds of funding and donations from blue chip organisations such as Zurich Insurance, Waitrose and Co-op to support future charity operations.

Please tell us about the impact of this person on their neighbourhood or the city:
Tony has made over 2000 Dementia Friends in Bristol in the past five years. He offers free information, resources and Dementia sessions to all Bristol GP surgeries, many care homes, shopping centres , sports organisations , theatres and museums, First Bus and other memory cafes.
 In 2015, he set up Happy Days, a monthly Memory Cafe as a hub for people with Dementia and their carers to go, have a laugh, tea and cake.
 Bristol Airport is now Dementia Friendly due to Tony's tireless work - his holiday experience led him to work extensively with the Airport to set up their systems for 'hidden disabilities' and run numerous Dementia sessions.
 Tony believes firmly in collaboration and is working with the key Dementia organisations such as The Dementia Wellbeing Service, BS3 community and Alzheimer's Society.
 Tony created the Avon & Somerset Dementia Forum - linking local DAAs and organisations together to share resources and experiences.

Aled Osbourne
Please tell us about their volunteering, campaigning or other leadership work:
Aled puts all his free time and energy into volunteering for Brigstowe as well as campaigning for the rights of people living with HIV. His monthly podcast on BCFM on behalf of Brigstowe provides HIV information, breaking down & addressing stigma as well preventing new diagnosis & encouraging testing. Aled also volunteers as a Peer Mentor where he empowers people newly diagnosed to self-manage their condition. Aled is also part of a youth-led movement campaigning for a world without HIV/AIDS where he talks fiercely about his own experience of living with HIV to break down stigma and to encourage conversation around HIV.
His relentless fundraising for the organisation has simultaneously raised the profile of Brigstowe publicising the organisation and providing a lifeline to people who need help and support.

Please tell us about the impact of this person on their neighbourhood or the city:
HIV discrimination and hurtful attitudes continue to persist due to the stigma and misinformation surround HIV. Aled works hard to truly bring about change and difference for people living with HIV as well as also driving improvements in HIV education, prevention and testing, educating and advocating for change to big audiences. He is an activist who never has time off, using his platform in the LGBTQ+ community to prevent new diagnosis, advocating for Prep & PEP and preventing stigma, so more people get tested. A true hero who should be recognised and applauded.

Samira Musse
Please tell us about their volunteering, campaigning or other leadership work:
Samira is a single mum from my Barton Hill JumpStart kid’s project, she lives in one of the flats with her two lovely energetic boys and when I first met her I was struck by her contagious positivity, her ability to bring people together, and her passion for making a difference in her own community. I started running after-school cooking and nutrition clubs at Barton Hill last summer and her little boys came along. When the project ended, she asked if it could continue and, since then she has been the driving force behind the clubs: I bring the food and she spreads the word....and the families flock!  Each time LOADS of families come to our teaching kitchen, to the point where we have to reluctantly start encouraging people not to come! But Samira told me "there is literally nothing for primary aged children to do in the holidays around here: we live in flats, so there is no garden to go out and play in, and there is only so long you can spend at the park on a cold day. If we pay for a day out at the zoo or something like that, it blows the budget".
So Samira has a dream: Inspired by our after-school clubs, Samira has galvanised local mums and organisations in her community to start a holiday and weekly after-school club.

Please tell us about the impact of this person on their neighbourhood or the city:
Samira is so ‘can do’, her confidence inspires others around her and she's brilliant at making plans happen in a very short space of time. Yesterday, she gathered mums, health professionals and managers, we all sat round the table and planned the start of something amazing for families, mums and children, for their physical and mental health.
Samira has big dreams for herself and the mums in her area.

Amy Perrin
Please tell us about their volunteering, campaigning or other leadership work:
Amy is the founder and CEO of Marmalade Trust. Marmalade tackle loneliness in society.
 Since I've known Amy (around 2 years) she has dedicated countless hours (and years) to helping some of society’s most vulnerable people.
 Offering people company, a person to talk to and place to go can be lifesaving. Amy also manages a large amount of volunteers who help the many activities they run throughout the year.
I am particularly in awe of their work at Christmas and on Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, Amy and her team of volunteers run between 10-15 venues across Bristol, catering for and entertaining people who are feeling lonely. From the pictures and videos, and from people I've spoken to who have attended it's a wonderful and fun event. I feel this amazing amount of energy and dedication to selfless work is why I'd like to nominate Amy Perrin. She really is making a big difference to people's lives.

Please tell us about the impact of this person on their neighbourhood or the city:
Elderly people who are alone are especially isolated and vulnerable at Christmas time. Marmalade Trust provide support for people from all parts of Bristol. I think the impact Amy has in Bristol is immeasurable because providing a space for people to make new friends and enjoy themselves, where they would be alone in comparison is priceless. Some of the people Amy helps haven't spoken to people in weeks, and haven't had human contact in months. No-one likes to feel lonely and Amy provides a warm and happy environment and experience.

Andy Ray
Please tell us about their volunteering, campaigning or other leadership work:
Andy goes above and beyond in volunteering his time at Brigstowe as a Peer Mentor, Campaigns Volunteer and Positive Speaker. As a trained mentor, he shares his personal experiences and knowledge of living with HIV to help support people struggling to come to terms with their diagnosis. Andy has gone on to volunteer as a Senior Peer Mentor supervising new mentors, allowing the service to grow and support more people. His work helping to organise and publicise the mentoring service has been a vital part of its success.  As a founding member of the Brigstowe Campaigns Volunteers, Andy represents Brigstowe at public events and helps develop awareness-raising campaigns and strategies. He has spoken out about his personal experience of living with HIV to help educate and raise awareness at different organisations. Part of this has been working directly with the local police force to build understanding and change attitudes.

Please tell us about the impact of this person on their neighbourhood or the city:
Andy's mentoring expertise has directly supported and impacted on the lives of people in Bristol living with HIV. The one-to-one support he provides has helped people overcome stigma, and empowered them to self-manage their condition, improving their well-being, confidence and quality of life.  As a campaigner and public speaker, Andy has spoken out about his experience of living with HIV, directly challenging stigma and preconceptions both within the city and the surrounding areas. His tireless drive to make things better is also evident in his work with Brigstowe to set up a Peer Support presence at the HIV clinic at Southmead Hospital. People who access their care at the hospital or are newly diagnosed can now speak face to face with a trained individual who also has HIV.  Andy's compassion and dedication make a real difference to individuals in need, and the wider HIV community and cause.


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