Capital and major equipment grants

Capital and major equipment grants
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23 July, 2019


The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation offers one-off grants for capital projects, i.e. new buildings, major refurbishments, transport and equipment. Rented premises are expected to have a lease of at least 10 years. Applications for transport should be for new, not used, vehicles. Applications for equipment should be for single, high cost (£5,000 and over), durable items (for exclusions, see below).

Where grants are made, the projects are expected to be self-financing thereafter. Charities that are fundraising for projects of £10 million and over are not eligible to apply. The Foundation has a preference for projects of up to £5 million. If your project budget is over £5 million but below £10 million, then you should call or email the office before making your application.

Not funded:

  • Research medical equipment or major medical equipment not available through the NHS.
  • Running /revenue costs, e.g. salaries, training costs, rent and utilities and software licences.
  • Feasibility studies, building surveys or planning applications.

Rarely funded:

Non-durable equipment subject to wear and tear, e.g. appliances, camping gear, clothing, cutlery/crockery, furniture, mobility aids, musical instruments, tablets/laptops, uniforms.

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