Join the Sector Leaders' Network 

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11 February, 2020


Do you want to have a voice in policy development and strategic decision making at a city and regional level?

Do you want to stay up-to-date with the latest VCSE sector intelligence?

Are you interested in leading beyond your organisation, helping to make a difference to the work of organisations working across the city?

Sector Leaders is a network of proactive individuals working in Bristol’s VCSE sector who have come together in order to share intelligence, expertise and opportunities, as well as campaign for positive change in the sector.

Anyone is welcome to apply to join Sector Leaders; the main requirements are a desire to influence policy and legislation in Bristol and the wider region, and to lead beyond your organisation by considering the needs of the wider VCSE sector.

Sector Leaders is a self-governing group that is facilitated by Voscur, which helps to support the group’s activities. It is part of the organisation’s strategic aim of encouraging distributed leadership in the sector.

To apply to join the Network, please tell us what you do as a leader in your community or contact Network manager Tom Burnett.

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