Sector Leader Report: Bristol Health and Wellbeing Board

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28 May, 2019

Sector Leader report: Health & Wellbeing Board

Sector Leader: Elaine Flint

Date of meeting: 22 May 2019


Relevant discussions:

This was the first development meeting – an informal meeting which takes place between the formal HWBB ones.

Aim – to agree the HWBB plan on one page and ensure linkages to One City Plan and wider health and care integration agenda.

SEND governance structure

Noted that an inspection was imminent and two board members were asked to be champions on behalf of the board to meet inspectors – these were Julia Clarke of BCH and Justine Rawlings of CCG. I raise an approach I had from Autism Independence about how they could report into the structure, this is being taken up by Jacqui Jensen of BCC.

Health in wider determinants

Cross board priorities to be championed by HWBB were moves to non-polluting vehicles and supported housing for vulnerable groups. Organisations to encourage engagement with reading in schools schemes – including VCSE orgs.

Noted the importance of the “pill” end of social prescribing. The need for community activity which has been hit by funding cuts.

Date of next meeting: 17 July 2019