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There are more opportunities than ever before for Bristol organisations to access ultrafast speeds and full fibre broadband thanks to new investment and competition in the broadband market of the city region.

The UK Government is helping by committing £1 billion+ to full fibre and wireless (5G) and developing a range of initiatives to help organisations join a full fibre future. To help prepare, Bristol City Council wants to get an up-to-date view of Bristol's businesses and organisations, large and small, of their experiences of their broadband connection and the demand for full fibre broadband, ultrafast speeds (above 300 mbps down) and higher quality connections.

Please take the Bristol business / organisation broadband survey (takes about 5 minutes) Respondents completing the survey can opt-in to invites to future seminars to hear from other organisations about their experiences and speak to telecoms providers.

Survey respondents will also be amongst the first to know about expected new financial incentives from the UK Government to secure a full fibre connection. Check out case studies about the transformative effects of faster broadband -