Dear All

I am hoping you can help me with my query! I am the Volunteer Coordinator at Clevedon Pier and have about 80 volunteers, all doing various roles. Most of the volunteers are over 60 so it needs to be system that can be used on Android, laptops, tablets, Apple, Mac and mobiles, and that I can adjust myself for those volunteers not online. I have been asked by the Chairman to have a look at an online rota tool which needs to be fairly simple to use, have a week overview so you can see all shifts booked, can set recurring shifts, volunteers can swop shifts themselves (and hopefully it notifies the administrator), allows more than one administrator to adjust the rota, allows a rota for two different sites and for various volunteering roles.

A tall ask I know but am hoping there is something out there! I have looked briefly at Findmyshift and SignUp but would appreciate some feed back of which systems you have worked with and recommend. Also would you recommend an online rota system over a rota being emailed out to volunteers every week by an office employee?

Looking forwards to hearing from you!

Kind regards


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