Labour Behind the Label Trust Trustee

Labour Behind the Label Trust
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Sunday, 31 December, 2023 - 13:15
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Part Time
Four meetings per year
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About Labour Behind the Label

Labour Behind the Label campaigns for garment workers' rights worldwide. We support garment workers' efforts to improve their working conditions and change the fashion industry for the better. We raise awareness, provide information and promote international solidarity between workers and consumers.

About Labour Behind the Label Trust

Labour Behind the Label Limited is a not-for-profit cooperative that supports garment workers’ efforts worldwide to improve their working conditions. The Labour Behind the Label Trust (“The Trust”) is a separate organisation that raises funds for Labour Behind the Label’s charitable activities. The Trust is independent of Labour Behind the Label, but the two organisations work together closely.

As part of the movement for global justice, Labour Behind the Label supports garment workers’ demands through strategic actions aimed at those involved in the production, marketing and consumption of clothing. Many of these actions are deemed ‘charitable’ by the charity commission but some are not, for example where Labour Behind the Label supports a garment workers’ trade union in a dispute with the owners of a factory. The Trust advances the relief of poverty, promotion of human rights and compliance with the law and ethical standards of conduct particularly in relation to garment workers throughout the world. It benefits from the advantages of charitable status, such as Gift Aid, while ensuring that the funds it raises are only spent in furtherance of these charitable aims. The Labour Behind the Label Trust was set up in 2013.

Who we are looking for

The Labour Behind the Label Trust are currently recruiting new trustees. We are open to applications from those who have a passion for changing the fashion industry. You could be a trade unionist, a person from the media or the world of fashion, or be a current or ex-garment worker. We will provide support and an induction when you join, so you don’t need to have trustee or voluntary sector experience.

We would also be interested in applications from those:

• with experience working with funding groups, major donor fundraising and agencies,

• who can help us to develop stronger community links in Leicester, home to the largest garment-producing hub in the UK.

We are striving for LBL to be more representative of the garment workers we serve, most of whom are people of colour from the global South. This means we particularly welcome applications from people with lived experiences of racism and/or migration.

There are several additional communities under-represented among LBL trustees at present, including but not limited to, trans and non-binary people and those with disabilities. As a course of positive action to improve representation in our team, we actively encourage applications from these underrepresented groups.

What we offer

• We will cover expenses for attending meetings

• Each new trustee will have the opportunity to work with an existing trustee as a mentor

• We will also provide access to training for those who have not be a trustee before. General responsibilities

• Attend face to face meetings at least two times per year, plus other on-line meetings at least twice a year

• Oversee the awarding of grants from the Trust funds ensuring that grants made are for activities within the Trust’s charitable purposes and meet the public benefit criteria

• Be responsible for the governance of the Trust, ensuring appropriate grant making, reporting and finance policies are in place to comply with charity commission and HMRC requirements (existing policies are in place and significant guidance on this is available on the charity commission and HMRC websites).

• Ensure the Trusts funds are used responsibly, in the best interests of the charity, and that the Trust deed is complied with.

Please note: to be a trustee you must be 18 years of age or older. While an understanding or experience of being a trustee or of charity governance would be helpful it is in no way necessary. For more information on the general responsibilities of all charity trustees please see the Charity Commission website guidance.

How to Apply: 

There is a rolling deadline for applications. We would hope to get back to you within two weeks. If you haven’t heard by then, please try to connect again. To apply please send your CV along with a brief covering note of no more than two pages outlining your expectations of, interest in and suitability for the role to and copy in Malcolm MacLean our chair of Trustees,

Contact Person: 
Malcolm MacLean (Chair)
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