Telephone Befriending & Community Connection volunteer

Carers Support Centre
Closing Date: 
Tuesday, 30 April, 2024 - 11:45
Contract Type: 
Flexible 1 - 2 hours a week
Contract Details: 
Details of Role: 
  • To contact carers (by phone or Teams) on a weekly basis for up to an hour each week over 6 consecutive weeks, providing listening and emotional support to carers feeling isolated or lonely.
  • To enable the carer to articulate how they feel, identify their own needs and what may help them feel less isolated or lonely.
  • To work off site and independently but have support from the Befriending & Community Connection Service Co-ordinator as and when required.
  • Along with the Befriending & Community Connection Service Co-ordinator, refer carers to appropriate organisations who can link carers to community based support.
  • To record all contacts with carers monthly on a Call Log sheet (details of discussions are not required to be kept) and ensure these are sent to the office monthly.
  • To keep any personally identifiable information about carers safe and confidential in line with CSCs Confidentiality Policy.
  • To contact CarersLine or the Befriending & Community Connection Service Co-ordinator for specific information about services, benefits, breaks, support groups, etc.
  • To be reasonably flexible in terms of contacting carers to meet their needs and fit in around their caring role.
  • To participate in induction and ongoing training.
  • To carry out the role in accordance with the Volunteering Policy.
  • To raise any safeguarding concerns immediately with the Safeguarding Lead or their Deputy, in line with CSCs Safeguarding policies.
How to Apply: 

Request application form.

Contact Person: 
Pauline Edwards-Samuels, Volunteer Development & Counselling ManagerĀ 
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Postal Address: 
Carers Support Centre Vassall Centre Gill Avenue Bristol BS16 2QQ