Major funding to support women's sector resilience

19 October, 2021

What is the fund?

The Women’s Sector Resilience Fund Phase 2, is a £2.1m fund to support local networks of organi­sations working with and for women to make change to systems that cause women’s poverty in their area. It is a place-based approach to systems change that is open to networks in and around several areas including Bristol.

In this round there is £1.5million available to fund approximately three networks over three years to achieve the programme goals of:

- Working with networks of organisations united by geography to reduce gendered poverty in their area

- Building capacity within local communities to help the local women’s sector to create sustaina­ble change

 How much can you apply for?

Each network can apply for up to £500k to be spent over three years. This funding will be awarded to a lead organisation who be responsible for distributing the money to the rest of the network. 

Each network will need to nominate a lead organisation who will submit the bid. 

This is a two stage application process. The first is with an Expression of Interest. After this there will be a shortlist of networks that will be invited and supported to submit a full proposal. After an inter­view with the Smallwood Trust approximately three networks will be funded.

To apply you should make your first stage application by 5pm on Friday 10th December

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