The MAZI Project

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The MAZI Project
23 August, 2023

The MAZI Project is an exciting, thriving social enterprise which since 2021 has provided over 6500 healthy meal boxes to vulnerable young people in Bristol, as well as delivering an innovative “pay it forward” scheme to generate income. 

The organisation was supported by Voscur to work towards social investment, as well as signposting and advice on new premises, transport options, intellectual property, governance and peer learning. The MAZI Project Director Melanie Vaxevanakis commented

“Voscur...helped me understand the world of social investment and the path to receiving it, enabling us to grow.”

Melanie noted that the Voscur-led business planning discussions have helped The MAZI Project to “reflect on what we are currently doing and what we need to be working towards to help us become self-sustainable”.

Voscur works with The MAZI Project and other social enterprises through the Bristol Local Access Programme, delivering an exciting offer which includes social enterprise development, leadership training and enterprise consultancy services. For more information on developing your social enterprise, and opportunities for investment, click the link below:

Local Access Programme | Voscur