Motability grants supporting disabled people's travel

20 December, 2023

This grant programme aims to help charities and organisations to make an immediate impact for disabled people, by awarding funding to develop, expand and improve community transport options. Disabled people make 38% fewer journeys than non-disabled people every year – a figure that has not changed in a decade.

To help address this problem now, charities and organisations working in the Community Transport sector can apply for grants from £100,000 to £4 million at any point before March 2025 to improve the impact of community transport for disabled people.

The programme focusses on:

  • Funding support for staff or volunteer training and costs.
  • Funding to increase the number of vehicles available in the community to help organisations support disabled people.
  • Funding local, regional, or national initiatives to increase awareness of community transport and influence its inclusion in transport strategy and policy.
  • Funding to schemes, programmes and initiatives that already exist, and which provide best practice solutions, but need further support to remain operational or scale up the service they can provide to help more disabled people.

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