VCSE-only Adult Education Fund going live soon

10 May, 2023

WECA (West of England Combined Authority) have announced a major fund for the VCSE sector only that will go live in July, with delivery from 1st August 2023-31st July 2024. You can apply directly or partner with a lead organisation as a sub-contractor., 

The fund will focus on supporting learners who are disadvantaged, least likely to participate, living in rural areas, low income, low skills. It is also looking to support progression, widen participation. develop stronger communities, enable people to be more self-sufficient, connected and proactive. Organisations can include a fee-paying income in their budget for those who can afford this, and can use this to extend provision for non-paying learners..

Priority learners will include;the unemployed, economically inactive for more than 6 months, below level 2 literacy and numeracy, ESOL below level 2, 50+ employed, low wage and insecurely employed.

Successful grant recipients will need to have, or be working towards, a suite of standards, policies and accreditations which is why we are giving notice of this opportunity before it goes live.

To find out more visit the WECA website here. 


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