Advertising jobs and volunteer roles: information and costs

Please read this information then click here to advertise your role.

To advertise jobs with Voscur, you need to have a site login. If you don't have one already, set one up here.

Unpaid roles (trustees, volunteers, etc.) are free to advertise.

Advertising paid roles has a fixed price depending on your organisation type:

  • Full Voscur members: £35 per job (plus VAT if applicable).
  • Associate Voscur members: £75 per job (plus VAT if applicable).
  • Non-members: £110 per job (plus VAT if applicable).

Once you have saved the job details, our admin team will then check it over before publishing the advert on our site. This will usually be done within one working day.

We will then invoice your organisation for each job advert you create at the relevant rate as above.

All job adverts have the chance to be included in our weekly jobs and events email bulletin.

To become a Voscur member, please complete this application form

Now click here to advertise your role.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.