Children and Young People

Bristol is a young city where the next generations will be among the most diverse in the country. A third of young people grow up in poverty, however, and homelessness and poor mental health are more prevalent than average, putting family life under pressure. Voscur's Children & Young People's service works to positively influence services for young people through strategic representation, sharing skills and experience and supporting best practice. 

Bristol’s Children and Young People's Network is a strong community of VCSE sector peers, and is facilitated by Voscur.
This network has three main objectives under the theme of children, young people and families:
1. To ensure that the VCSE sector is kept informed of relevant policy, strategy, opportunities to influence decisions, and other useful information.
2. To provide opportunities to have a say in decisions on commissioning, strategy, policy and service-planning in Bristol.
3. To provide an opportunity for meeting like-minded organisations and initiate collaborative solutions.
The main ways this is done is through regular emails and Children and Young People's Network meetings and events, including training.

"The Children and Young People's Network provides a great opportunity not only to network with colleagues across the city, but then to be able to present a united, collaborative approach when the Mayor and Councillors from BCC come to address us. I really have found it very useful since being in post for the past two years. Your efforts at organising all your relevant networking sessions are much appreciated"  Sam Rae, Head of Public Sector Partnerships- South, The Prince's Trust.

Voscur also recruits and supports Sector Leaders from local organisation’s to be members of strategic boards and groups in the city so that the sector can influence multi -agency decision making regarding services for children, young people, families, and local communities..