Assets of Community Value list

Image Credit: 
Nick Hillier via Unsplash


Bristol City Council has published the latest Assets of Community Value list (14 June 2021), also known as the Community Right to Bid. Each asset has been nominated by Bristol communities, and it stays listed for five years. Both successful and unsuccessful nominations are featured in the PDF. 

The list contains a mixture of publicly and privately owned properties, such as community centres, libraries, pubs and sports stadiums. If a landowner wants to sell a property on the list, they must tell Bristol City Council, and then community groups can trigger a six-month moratorium (postponement period) when the property can't be listed on the market. This six-month window allows groups enough time to prepare their bid to buy the property. 

Assets of Community Value include Ashton Gate Stadium, The Greenway Centre, Lawrence Weston Youth Club, Malcolm X Centre, Southmead Library, St. Agnes Lodge, and Windmill Hill City Farm. 

Updates to the list: 

Two pubs are under consideration for the list: The Cross Hands, in Bedminster, and The Adam & Eve, in Hotwells.

Click here for details on how to nominate a site to be added to the list.