Resources for VCSE organisations

Basic fundraising

Bidwriter's tips

Experienced bidwriters always have tips to make the job of writing a good funding bid easier. This factsheet has collected some of the best together to help you, particularly if you are new to fundraising.

Funding Jargon-Buster

Fundraising is an area where there is lots of jargon. This resource explains some of the main terms you might read in funders criteria.

Charitable Funders that will accept applications from CIC's

An increasing number of charitable Trusts and Foundations accept applications from Community Interest Companies (CIC's). This list is a good starting point if you are a CIC looking for grants.

Different Income Sources

A sustainable organisation needs a good range of different income sources. This factsheet shows the main ways to get the money you need, and summarises the positives and negatives for each one.

Bidwriters Checklist

Planning and preparation will help you succeed in making good bids, and help deal with the stress of fundraising. This checklist will help you make sure you start well and stay on track.