Flowchart of mental health support services in Bristol

Image Credit: 
Maranatha Pizarras via Unsplash


Mental health was an important issue for Bristol before coronavirus, and it's an even more pressing issue during and after the pandemic, as our residents face the effects of social isolation, quarantine, stress and possibly grief from losing loved ones.

The Community Access Support Service has put together a useful flowchart of mental health support services in the city, including counselling and other talking therapies, crisis services, the intersection of mental health and housing issues, and perinatal support. The chart was last updated in July 2020. There is also a useful Resources Booklet.

The document also contains lists of available services with website addresses and phone numbers. Please bear in mind that some phone services may have reduced or changed their hours due to coronavirus, so you may want to check the organisation's website or social media for updates before you call.