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Eco Media Collective CIC

The EcoMedia Collective is a Bristol-based community interest company made up of social enterprise and social media professionals who use social media innovation to promote change and broaden positive social outcomes. We help communities, clients and events use SOCIAL BROADCASTING - audio, podcasts,live web broadcasting and mobile friendly media - to reach and engage with more people online and on mobile devices. Our team delivers practical advice, hands-on help and simple, effective, all-in-one media production services. We provide services, not training.
We aim to actively encourage and broaden the use of sound audio as a bridge between communities that are divided from one another or isolated from their wider society. We want to help broaden the impact of projects working to benefit society, specifically businesses working for positive social change and ecologically-beneficial ('eco' or 'green') projects.

Our activities are intended to provide benefit to these five communities or groups (in alphabetical order)

1. Intercultural Dialogue Projects especially by Jewish and Muslim Communities
2. Refugees And Asylum Seekers whose poor English skills hamper integration
3. "Planet & People" Projects including environmental groups and conferences.
4. Social Enterprises working at Community Level in the South-Western UK
5. Socially-Isolated or housebound by phobias, incapacity or caring duties.

Activity types:
Areas of Bristol served: not specified
Income: £0-£10,000
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