Voscur Training - Themes and Levels

To help you find the right training course, we offer our training categorised by theme and by level. Training in each theme is delivered at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels so you can choose according to your current level of experience, or work your way up.

Use this guide to decide which themes you are interested in, and what level is right for you.

Money Matters

Development of skills and knowledge related to all areas of income generation and finance

Covering: funding, income, fundraising, income generation, grants, crowdfunding, social enterprise, social investment, commissioning

  • Basic - Introductions to grant funding in particular around small grants, developing a social business idea and setting up a social enterprise
  • Intermediate - More detailed information about larger grant giving and developing skills for financial independence
  • Advanced - Diversifying income through contracts, earned income and social investment, developing new products and services

Leading Your Organisation

Best practice in all areas of responsibility for Trustees and staff in running an organisation

Covering: governance, HR, GDPR, Health and Safety, safeguarding, financial management, organisation, diversity and inclusion

  • Basic - Introductions to legal responsibilities and functions of governance, including running effective meetings
  • Intermediate - Developing towards best practice in decision making and in all areas of policy and responsibility
  • Advanced - Looking at innovation and inspiration in delivering on your responsibilities and becoming a high performance board

Professional Development and Leadership

Enabling individuals to develop skills and expertise in their roles as managers and leaders

Covering: leadership, management, meetings, managing people, volunteers, peer learning

  • Basic - Developing key skills such as stress and time management, meeting skills, presentation skills, project planning, volunteers and the law
  • Intermediate - Developing new managers with a focus on supervising staff, managing performance, teams, events, and resources
  • Advanced - Developing Leaders with the skills to successfully navigate change, innovation, influence and conflict.

Making an Impact

Providing organisations with learning and support to plan for and ensure, the maximum impact in their social purpose

Covering: business planning, evidencing need, impact, community engagement, sustainability, investment

  • Basic - Marketing and campaigns, using social media, involving your community, developing a theory of change
  • Intermediate - Developing tools to plan for and evidence your impact, evidencing need, monitoring and evaluation
  • Advanced - Developing social impact measurements, Social return on investment and social value, marketing, evaluation and planning

Planning for the Future

Development of services, activities and organisational capacity to build resilience

Covering:  strategic planning, innovation, influence

  • Basic - Introductions to ways in which you can ensure the growth and sustainability of your organisation
  • Intermediate - Growing your organisation through effective people management and use of resources, planning and evaluating to inform development
  • Advanced - Looking to new ways of working, building resilience and adaptability in moving your organisation into the future

Partnership and Collaboration

Supporting organisations to understand, identify and capitalise on opportunities in the VCSE landscape

Covering: partnership, collaboration, commissioning, subcontract

  • Basic - Introductions to strategic thinking in the medium and long term in relation to the wider sector and beyond
  • Intermediate - Developing resilience and sustainability through relationships and collaboration
  • Advanced - Skills and knowledge to enable your organisation to take up strategic opportunities and to become innovators and leaders in the sector

Voice and Influence

Enabling voices of the sector and its communities to be heard in the development of policy, commissioning and services

Covering: voice, influence, equality, diversity and inclusion, coproduction

  • Basic - User and community involvement, diversity and inclusion, building networks, using social media
  • Intermediate - Developing ways in which marginalised voices and emerging needs can better influence agendas, marketing and campaigning
  • Advanced - Beyond involvement to representation – how sector leaders and others can provide an influential channel for the voices of their communities