5 December, 2017

Help The Homeless's main funding remit is the regular allocation of grants (generally up to £5,000) for capital costs to small and medium-sized registered charities only (those with a turnover of under £1m per annum).

All applications must relate to projects that assist individuals in their return to mainstream society, rather than simply offer shelter or other forms of sustenance.

3 November, 2017

The Law Society Charity supports organisations whose work is related to the law and the legal profession, and whose activities would be likely to benefit from funds made available on behalf of solicitors.

Projects will be considered for support if they help meet the charity's aims and objectives criteria.

Who does the charity help?

We only support projects that promote:

  • Human rights
  • Access to justice
  • Legal education

Please note that we are not able to give grants to –

3 November, 2017

Round 3 opens on 1 November

3 November, 2017

If you think your charity meets our criteria, you can fill in our application form online. You may find it helpful to look at the questions you will be asked, before starting the online application process. To do this download the list of questions and notes (2-page PDF file, 23K).

3 November, 2017

How to Apply for Funding 

Before making an application, please read the Guidelines and information about the Process for Applying, as outlined below.  You should only submit an application if your work falls within our priorities. Applications may be made using the form on our website. The form cannot be submitted on-line, or sent by email.  It must be printed and posted.  

Guidelines for Applicants 

3 November, 2017

The Balcombe Trust are continuing to look at funding innovative projects working with homeless and/or unemployed or not in education young people (NEETS) in the UK. We are particularly interested in projects working with young women.

To this end they are running a trial scheme where they invite competitive proposals twice per year.

They now wish to award a small number of grants of £5,000 to £25,000.

3 November, 2017

It is recommended that all applicants take time to read these guidelines in order to avoid submitting applications that are likely to be rejected. You may like to refer to our previous Annual Reports which will give you more of an idea of both the type of organisation supported and the amounts awarded. Only if you think your project falls within our criteria should potential applicants telephone the administrator, Karin Hooper on 020 7410 0330, to seek further advice if you are still unclear about the grant-making criteria in the following guidelines.

3 November, 2017

The Edge Fund are now open for our second funding round of the year!  They  will be giving around £40,000 to about 30 grass-roots groups, campaigning for effective social change. They will be accepting applications from the 2nd of October until Sunday 12 the of November.


How to apply

3 November, 2017

JRCT is concerned that the rights of vulnerable and marginalised communities in the UK are being eroded, particularly Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, migrants and refugees. We believe that equality and human rights play a vital role in protecting the most vulnerable and in turn benefit the whole of society. We need to grow public support and empathy for the rights of vulnerable racial and religious minorities, to hold governments to account and to strengthen the hand of those advocating with and for these communities.

3 November, 2017

In wider society, the way that power is concentrated, shared and used is changing as a result of globalisation, new technology, new channels of communication, extreme inequality and other factors. These changes bring increased risks of unaccountable power, but also new opportunities for interconnected, engaged and flourishing democracy.


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